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Epoxy Hardener R-2288-1
Epoxy Hardener R-2288-1
Epoxy Hardener R-2288-1
Epoxy Hardener R-2288-1
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R-2288-1 is a low odor modified mixed amines epoxy hardener wiht fast curing at temperature 40 ℃. The condensate with high H.D.T(150 ℃).
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Product description
Description:         Typical Technical Index:    
R-2288-1 is a low odor modified mixed amines epoxy hardener wiht fast curing at temperature 40 . The condensate with high H.D.T(150 ).   Appearance:                                                   Brown liquid    
  Color[Gardner]: 6  
  Amine Value[JIS Method]: 595  
  Viscosity[25@cps]: 350-650  
  Density[25]: 1.04   
  AHEW: 47  
  Added Weight[PHR]: 25  
Advantages:         Typical Handling Properties:    
 Low color         Gel Time [100g mix at 25 °C@h] 2.2  
 High H.D.T150 °C         Thin Film Set Time  [15g@3mm, 25 °C@h] 3  
          Hardness Shore D 70 [15g@3mm,25 °C@h] N  
          Basic curing temperature [°C]  More than 40  
          Remark: Cured with liquid Bisphenol-A based epoxy resin  
Applications:         Mechanical   Properties:            
 Mould making         Tensile strength/Mpa 61  
 Electronic component potting epoxy compound          Bending strength/Mpa 118  
 with high temperature resistance         compressive strength/Mpa 99  
● Fiberglass filament winding         Remark  
          1.When the epoxy equivalent of 180-190 bisphenol A epoxy resin according to the ratio of 4/1  
          2.Curing parts:100℃×2hour,Test strength after cooling    
Storage Life:              
At least 12 months from the date of manufacture in the original sealed container at ambient temperature ( 0-40, not
lower than 0). Keep away from sunshine.
Handling Precautions:              
Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.              
All the data herein offered by Rich Chemical Co.,Ltd is verified correct under some special circumstances. But our company has no legal responsibility to all the data. In consideration of many influencing factors can affect our products during the processing and the using, customers should test the capability of the products before using it. As for more details information,please contact our sales staff.Revised date March 24 ,2022  Format A/2
modified mixed amines epoxy hardener
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Epoxy Hardener R-2288-1
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