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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Adhere to the balanced development of management and responsibility, and establish a sustainable business model.

Guided by the "sustainable development strategy", we actively practice social responsibility in the course of business development, actively combine Rich's career with social sustainable development, take "giving back to the society and creating value" as the responsibility slogan, continuously provide optimal operation, and become a more popular brand and a more respected enterprise.

Rich New Material (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd.

1.Sustainable business management

Rich actively pays attention to and strive to coordinate the concepts and behaviors of stakeholders in the whole value chain, conducts continuous communication with stakeholders in all aspects of production and operation of enterprises around the three levels that stakeholders are most concerned about-"operational responsibility", "environmental responsibility" and "labor responsibility", relies on the optimization of policy environment, strive to adjust the effective supply to stakeholders, gives full play to its own resources and advantages, and provides customers with professional curing schemes and Maintain a dynamic balance of interdependence between enterprises and stakeholders, so as to achieve the unity of enterprise development and social responsibility.


2. Integrity and transparent business operation

Integrity is the foundation of an enterprise. Integrity and compliance with business ethics are soft powers that underpin a company's sustainable development and business success. In daily business activities, Rich has always adhered to the concept of integrity and compliance, abide by the spirit of contract and fair competition, and has won the trust of customers and the market.


3.Provide high-quality products and services.

High-quality products come from strict quality management. Since its establishment, Rich has always controlled the enterprise creed of "quality management", formulated strict and even harsh product quality standards, and also strictly controlled factory design, good production practices, production equipment, staff compliance operation, raw material purchase control, sales link control and other aspects, striving to provide customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services, and constantly meet customer needs.


4.Environmental actions during production

As a Chinese enterprise with a sense of responsibility and mission, Rich has always paid close attention to and strongly supported environmental protection, conscientiously implemented the development concept of "green, environmental protection and low carbon", and fully integrated the concept of environmental protection into all aspects of production, operation and management. The factory adopts comprehensive protection measures and advanced technology to effectively capture the organic waste gas generated in the process of feeding, stirring, discharging and cleaning, so as to minimize the environmental pollution caused by the production process.


5.Co-development and win-win future with employees

Any victory of Rich can't be separated from the joint efforts of every employee. The steady development of an enterprise can't be separated from the dedication of employees, and the enlargement and strengthening of an enterprise can't be separated from the outstanding ability of employees. Realizing the common development of enterprises and employees is the route. Rich must take to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, Rich is committed to creating a harmonious, energetic and opportunity career stage for employees, and becoming an employer loved and trusted by employees.


6.Industrial circle of symbiosis, sharing and common development

Rich has business in many countries all over the world. All along, Rich has actively participated in social affairs, promoted local economic development, extensively cooperated and exchanged with upstream and downstream partners in the value chain, and promoted the sustainable development level of the whole industrial circle. In the future, Rich will continue to adhere to the principle of "equality, mutual benefit, win-win cooperation", and with a more open mind, join hands with upstream and downstream partners to jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's new materials industry.

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