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Rich R&D Center (R&D Department) was established in 2002, dedicated to the research and development of modified amine hardeners, and positioned as the group's high-tech R&D center, professional and technical talent pool, technical exchange, sharing and coordination platform. Since its establishment, the R&D Center has steadily increased the number of invention patents granted through independent R&D and innovation, and realized the industrialization of scientific research results. At present, we has successfully independently developed and listed more than 300 products.


After years of development and construction, Rich R&D Center has established a professional team of high-quality R&D talents. Under the guidance of the group company's technology development strategy, it provides technical research and management support such as product research and development, technology introduction and absorption, test management and process technology improvement, which can provide all-round technical solutions and technical consultancy services for the company's internal and external.


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