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Established in 2002, Rich Chemical is currently the leading manufacturer of epoxy hardeners based on modified amine in China. Such as Cycloaliphatic amine hardener, Aliphatic amine hardener, polyether amine hardener, Aromatic amine hardener and so on. We are a diversified enterprise devoted to R&D and production of high quality products and after-sales service.


Rich Chemical Sales headquarter and R&D Center relocated in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, China since April 2021.Rich Chemical currently has two production bases with annual capacity 20,000 tons and a researching& developing center.  


They are specialized in the production of epoxy hardeners for construction, heavy-duty coatings, composites, building structural adhesives, electrical potting and ceramics industries etc. also Rich R&D offers technical support as per customer requirements.


Rich employees have many years of experience, each batch we manufacture is accordance with the standard specification. we ensure the quality stable.

Rich New Material (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd.

Group Structure


Rich (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd., as the group headquarters, is mainly responsible for product research and development, sales, service and other core businesses. Its functions include taking charge of the formulation and guidance of the company's strategic planning of talents, operation and development, and maintaining the consistency of its development direction and corporate culture.


The headquarters has two production bases: Rich Chemical (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. and Rich Chemical (Hubei) Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Rich Chemical Co., Ltd. specializes in import and export business.


Rich Chemical has been focusing on the research and development and production of high-quality amine products since its establishment. Relying on strong technical backing, the company has successfully overcome many difficulties in the production and application of epoxy amine modified curing agents.


High-quality products have been recognized and trusted by many customers. Rich Chemical products are not only sold in the domestic market, but also exported to Canada, Australia, Japan,  Brazil, South Africa, Dubai, India, Singapore and other countries. The sales scope radiates all over Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Oceania.


In the new future, the company's vision is to become the leader of amine curing agent industry, gain the trust of customers and win the recognition with superior quality and considerate service of the world market.

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