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the "New Product Joint R&D Center"was officially established.

In October 2022, the "New Product Joint R&D Center" jointly initiated by Hubei University and Rich (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established.

The awarding ceremony of the “joint training base for postgraduate” was successfully held

Recently, The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of South China University of Technology, and Rich (Guangdong) Technology Co., LTD., successfully held the awarding ceremony  of the "joint training base for postgraduate".

Rich Chemical was awarded the license of "little giant" enterprise

On the morning of August 19,2022,the department of industryandinformation technology Bureau,Jingzhou city,Hubei province,held a training meetingfor thecity’s “Specialized, Fined, PeculiarandInnovative” smalland medium enterprises .

Rich Chemical Sales Commendation Conference in the second quarter of 2022

The enthusiasm in the first quarter has not subsided and the sales evaluation in the second quarter is ushered in, which makes people sigh that time is rushing.

Good news | Rich Chemical was commended by Songzi as a "large taxpayer" and a "benchmark enterprise for high-quality development."

On July 1, 2022, Hubei Songzi Economic Development Zone held the July 1st Celebration Gala. On the scene of the party, the management committee of the development zone commended the enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the high-quality economic and social development.

Rich Service Upgrade - "Customer Complaint Mailbox" Officially Launched

Hello! Thank you for your support and trust in Rich. In order to improve customer experience and create a more direct and efficient customer feedback channel,our company's customer complaint acceptance mailbox: is officially launched from now on.

2022 Rich First Quarter Sales Commendation Conference

On April 6th, 2022, Rich New Materials successfully held the first quarter summary meeting and commendation ceremony of 2022. Chen Xiaojin, general manager of Rich Chemical, and all the departments at all levels of the sales center attended the meeting.

Wu Jin, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, visited Rich for investigation and investigation

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and the Economic Work Conference of the Provincial Party Committee, pay close attention to investment, industry, and investment promotion, and maintain rapid growth in quantity and steady improvement in quality, on December 25th, 2021, Wu, Secretary of the Jingzhou Municipal Party Committee, Hubei Province Jin and his party visited Songzi Lingang Industrial Park for investigation and investigation.
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